Stylish Jewelry From Your Treasured Photos


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Are you searching for a gift that will give someone goosebumps?



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When someone you care about is celebrating a special occasion, you want to honor it in the way that it deserves. You want to give a gift that is meaningful, one that makes a connection.

You can imagine them opening the package. A look of joy spreads across their face, maybe a tiny teardrop appears in the corner of their eye. They smile at you and say, “I love it.”

It’s the best feeling ever. I’ve felt it many times, and you can feel it too.


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Giving a gift this special, one that will make you look like a rock star, is easy. If you want to look in the mirror and be reminded of your special memories, this is where you belong. If you love to put in just a little extra effort to give a gift that will give someone you love goosebumps, then you are in the right place. If you want your gift to make a real connection, I can make that happen. 





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If you prefer ‘one of a kind’ over ‘one of a dozen’, then this jewelry is for you. If you want to blow someone away with a gift that connects, one that captures a moments in time and turns it into a wearable memory, it’s as easy as choosing your necklace or bracelet style and e-mailing your favorite photos. I turn them into a truly personal and unique piece of heirloom jewelry.

Made with sustainable bamboo tiles, they are light and easy to wear. Each bead is individually strung. The process takes 10-14 days and the jewelry is shipped ready to give in a handmade origami paper box with tissue and a bow that easily slips on and off so you can take a peek before giving. Free USPS Priority shipping is included.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.


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