How to Get Stuff Done

If you have a hard time staying on task, you are not alone. Yes, you are a very special snowflake. But that doesn’t mean you are a flake. You probably just have an active imagination and a whimsical spirit, and corralling the kaleidoscope of thoughts is hard work. Don’t you worry, I’m here to help you. I created a planner that makes it easy to keep track of all of you tasks, goals and brilliant ideas 

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You start by getting into the habit of writing everything down. [Tweet “Don’t force your brain to waste energy and space remembering. It doesn’t work. You need a system.”] Instead, keep track of your tasks, appointment, routines, workflow… Basically everything. On a regular basis (start once a week and graduate to monthly reviews), review your planners and make note of what is sticking and what’s not. I created my own planner to help me get stuff done. It works for me and it can work for you.


 First, plan your year

The Red Scorpio Planner System starts with the next 12 months. Decide what your goal for the year is. Then, break it down into steps. Write down the 3 things you need to focus on each month to achieve your ‘Big Goal’. There are more than 3 lines per month, but try to keep it to three big steps per month otherwise there is a good chance you will be overwhelmed. If you happen to accomplish all three steps before month’s end, congratulate yourself! You can try to make your 3 big steps a little more difficult in the future, or add more. Or take a little ‘me’ time. It’s up to you.

The more specific you can get with your goal, the better. Instead of “Have a Successful Year”. define what success would look like at the end of the year. So like, “The Year of Five Figures” or “The Year of Quitting My Day Job”.


Next, plan your month

Using what you’ve written on your yearly goal page, write in your top three priorities, and then plan your month accordingly. Let’s say you want to list three items a week in your Etsy shop. Write down the steps you need to take this month to achieve that goal. Make sure you put your monthly commitments, appointments and special days on your monthly calendar.



Then, plan your week

Keep track of the things you do every week. Write down the things you need to do this week to bring you closer to your goals.



Then, plan your day. Every day.

This is my favorite page. “Today is” is about so much more than today. At a glance, you can keep track of the micro steps you need to accomplish to achieve the big goals in your life. There’s a space for you to write in your yearly goal and monthly focus so it stays top of mind. You can also write in next month’s focus to help you be prepared. There is a generous space to write down all you need to do today, as well as a section to pencil in your tasks for the upcoming week, and jot down the highlights for the week after that.

Never be surprised by events in your schedule again! A few lines for taking notes helps you keep track of all those amazing thoughts that pop into your head. Write them down so they don’t get pushed out by the next genius idea, never to be seen again. And down in the corner is a tiny check off calendar so you always know where in the month you are.

Make it a routine to write in your daily planner the evening prior. Writing down you to-do list will not only help you chip away at goals, it can help you sleep better knowing that the next day is mapped out. Create a night-time ritual, sort of like a bedtime story.




You will be writing and rewriting these things over and over, and it’s for a reason.

Repeatedly writing things helps you to visualize them. It makes them more real. It takes the fear out of the process when you become comfortable. It also serves as a written record you can refer to as needed.

The system also makes “course corrections” a cinch. If something you thought would be critical in February turns out to be pointless by March, it can easily be replaced by a new strategy.

Print and attach using your preferred method. I stitch mine together into notebooks, but you can staple them or use a 3-ring binder, or use whatever creative solution pops into your mind.


I make two-week booklets and put them in this order: Month page as the front cover, then a goal planner page, week page, seven day pages, goal planner page, week page, seven day pages and the then year, outward facing like a book’s back cover.


Again, it may seem repetitive and it is, for a reason. Repetition makes you comfortable.


This system was conceived and created by me to help me reign in my chaotic mind and has evolved into the essential resource I use daily to get stuff done. More than a planner, it is a guidebook to success.

You will receive 30 (or 31) dated daily pages (plus extra days need to round out the week if necessary) one week page, one month page and one year page of the Red Scorpio System in the form of a digital file. You will also receive instructions for optimal use of the planner. Your month will start with the Monday following the date you place your order and will always include 5 weeks so you can order at any time and never be shorted any days. Please click on images for a good look at the sample pages.

The planner is designed so that you can add your own personality. Facing pages are intentionally left blank for you to scribble your own notes, sketches, ideas, doodles, whatever it takes to get your brain buzzing.

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