Photo Jewelry Kits

Coming Soon – Photo Jewelry Kits

first dance custom photo necklace by redscorpio


When someone you care about is celebrating a special occasion, you want to honor it in the way that it deserves. You want to give a gift that is meaningful, one that makes a connection.

Imagine them opening the package. A look of joy spreads across their face, maybe a tear appears in the corner of their eye. They smile at you and say, “I love it.” It feels wonderful and extra special because you made it.

With this exclusive photo jewelry kit, you can turn your favorite photos into a beautiful, truly unique and very personal photo jewelry that captures moments in time and turns them into wearable memories that you will be proud to share with the world.

These deluxe DIY kits will contain everything* you need to make amazing custom photo jewelry. 

*Photo is not included. You will need to print your own photo. Detailed instructions on choosing and printing photos are included.

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silvas necklace
mayi necklace