How do I order?

After purchase, please send your photos to richelle@theredscorpio.com. Include wrist measurement at widest point for bracelets, or, for necklace, desired length.

    • Single tile bracelet – Please send end one landscape oriented photo with an aspect ratio of 5″ x 7″
    • Gallery cuff bracelet – Please send 9 to 11 portrait oriented images with an aspect ratio of 6″ x 3″.
    • Single tile necklace – Please send one image, either landscape or portrait, with a ratio of 5″ x 7″

What is aspect ratio?

The aspect ratio of an image describes the proportional relationship between its width and its height. For example, 5×7 is an aspect ratio. The single tiles are 1.25″ by 1.75″. Gallery tiles are .75″ by 1.5″. Your photo does not have to be this size, but the image should fit the aspect ratio described above so when it is mounted, the entire image fits onto the tile. Please do not crop photos. I will take care of that for you. I know this is a little confusing, so if you are not clear on these instructions, please contact me and I will be very happy to explain it better.

How long do they take to make?

I make each piece by hand and every bead is individually selected and strung. Tiles must meet my very high standard of quality. If they are not as close to perfect as is humanly possible, I remake them. This level of workmanship takes about 7 – 10 days.

What does “100% guaranteed” really mean?

It means that your bracelet is made with the highest quality materials using techniques I have perfected over years of making jewelry. However, they are not made to wear in water, or as an anklet. True story. If your bracelet breaks because of material failure or workmanship issues, return it to me (you must pay postage to send it to me) and I will repair it and return it to you at my expense. This has only happened twice, once because someone tried to wear her bracelet as an anklet, and once because the woman wore her bracelet hiking and it caught on a branch. Both times, even though it was not a question of materials or workmanship, I happily repaired them at no charge.

What are the “high quality” materials you use?

Sustainable bamboo tiles so your jewelry is light and comfortable, top quality stretch cording and stringing materials so they can take the strain of every day wear and last for year, and jewelers’ grade resin so they are water and scratch resistant and won’t yellow over time.

What size are they?

They are custom-made to your measurements, so they are always your size.

How are they shipped?

Your amazing jewelry will be sent ready to gift in an gift box with a bow. Shipping is via USPS Priority Mail is included. I will provide tracking info as soon as it becomes available.

What about returns?

Sorry, there are no returns for custom jewelry. You will be able to approve every phase of the process so there are no surprises.(Please see “Guarantee” questions above).

What else should I know?

You should know that I pride myself on excellent customer service. I want to make the perfect piece of jewelry for you. You should know that I delight in making people happy with my one of a kind wearable art. I want you to be able to give a gift that your loved one will treasure. You should know that these pieces are stylish, not cheesy, and you will be proud wearing them or giving them. I want this to be a pleasant experience. If any of your questions are still unanswered, please contact me at richelle@theredscorpio.com

Amanda Creek

I love Richelle! She makes the most beautiful jewelry and her shipping is super fast!