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That Feeling When You Get It Done ~ Week in Review


My normal process for Week in Review posts starts with going through my photos and planner and putting it together. This week I was so focused on getting stuff done that I didn’t take very many pictures. Luckily, I have a lot of notes to refer to. And some video.






This stuffed animal taxidermy is technically not from this past week, but I didn’t blog about it last week and I really think it deserves a mention. This is my new obsession. I will make one of these this year. It’s already in the planner.


This little darling hung in the restroom at the warehouse where I attended my first ever crafty Meet-Up. It was my first Meet-Up ever, so I have zero frame of reference, but it was not what I expected. I couldn’t talk anyone into going with me so I had to go alone No big deal, but the two girls who ended up sharing my table weren’t very talkative and I am. So the three of us crafted in relative silence until they left finished up without saying goodbye. It was not nearly as fun as the Social Sketch hosted by Courtney Cerruti and the Pooping Rabbit I attended in San Francisco in November.




 I was kind of stoked with my project though.





Then, on Tuesday I checked every item on my to-do list.   What an awesome feeling. That doesn’t happen every day. It didn’t happen today, I know that.





This happened. If you don’t know who Mark Montano is, what’s wrong with you? Just kidding. If you do know who Mark Montano is, and you also know that he is my crafty hero, then you know how much this means to me. And I got the shot of it. Bonus.


This week, I did a bunch of cleaning and a ton of crafting. It was so wonderful after such a long stretch of “admin” duties. I have a whole new series of images for some fresh and super sassy new bracelets. And I practiced making some tutorial videos. Here’s a sneak peek into my ‘studio’.


filming some stuff
filming some stuff


I am sure that the key to my productive week has been using my planner. Not just using it, but getting in a routine of writing in it and referring to it. I am pretty good about writing in my planner every night. I can’t even sleep if I don’t have a list for the next day, because I will just keep thinking of what needs to be done, over and over. So the list was a habit. Working the plan was another story. I get distracted fairly easily so it is not uncommon for me to work all day and yet cross nothing off of the list. The past couple of weeks, I have been vigilant about consulting the list.

Only do stuff that is on the list. And it really helped.


Stick to the List!
Stick to the List!


Speaking of planners, my friend Cara created a delightful series of videos which help you get the very most from your planner. These three adorable tutorials will show you how to create a planner that is uniquely yours. After all, the best planner system is the one that helps you get stuff done.

Please click here to check out her charming video series!




If you still haven’t checked out my goal-fulfillment system, please give it a try and let me know what you think.

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Blog Custom Jewelry Week in Review

Time Flies Whether You Are Having Fun or Not.


How is it Friday already? And another thing, how is it the end of November?? Next week is Thanksgiving. What? I could swear we just celebrated that not very long ago.

Last week was super fun and it flew by. This week was just regular, and it still sailed right past me. Here are the highlights…



Sunday, we busted out all of our maps and books and stuff, because in one week (!!!) we are heading to Yosemite for 8 days of camping. We’ve been waiting for almost a year for this to happen and are both pretty stoked. I am not sure I will be able to get Greg to leave when our vacation is over.


Love making plans...
Love making plans…



Monday, I still was not rested up from my whirlwind week in San Francisco, so I slept late. (Confession: I slept late every day this week. And I am pretty sure I will sleep late over the weekend too.) Working on some custom orders made me feel better.


Soon to be some luck lady's beautiful bracelet.
Soon to be some luck lady’s beautiful bracelet.


Tuesday, I discovered one of the tiles had a huge bubble and I would need to re-make it. I was in a bad mood after that, but seeing the sunset’s glow on my little palm tree cheered me up.


Palm tree at Sunset
Palm tree at Sunset


Wednesday, our truck decided to break down. When it rains, it pours, or so they say. Luckily we have an awesome mechanic. Later that evening, Greg & I watched the first half of “Gone With the Wind”. I watched it once when I was a kid, but this was Greg’s first time. I thought it was actually a really good movie, even though I am Yankee to the core. The costumes were amAZing. As someone who basically lives in pajamas, I was blown away by how dressed up these ladies would get just to hang around the house.



Thursday marked one week until Thanksgiving. That’s how I tell time, by the next event I have to get ready for. And it actually did rain. I was not expecting that. I’ve lately only been checking the weather for Yosemite.  And it was a great week for jewelry orders! Yay! I love making stuff!! That night we watched the second half of “GWTW”. I was dying to know how it turned out 😉


Order before it is too late and you are sad
Order before it is too late and you are sad


Now it’s Friday, which means lunch with Grandpa, and then took him to visit my cousin and check out his annual yard sale where I scored this super rad platter and this lovely table-cloth.




I am still exhausted, and very much looking forward to eight days of nature, peace and beautiful scenery. Only one more one week!!!! Woot!



How was your week? What’s going on this weekend? Please share in the comments below.


Blog Week in Review

Goodbye, Rocktober! See You Next Year – Week in Review

What a weird Rocktober. So many highs and lows. And not a great month for pets in Red Scorpio Land. First, Frank disappeared, then this week Lola was bitten by a rattlesnake, and yesterday a cat tried to get my chickens! Last Friday was my 27th wedding anniversary with my amazing husband and I didn’t post a weekly wrap up, so this week I will cover everything that has happened to me the last two weeks of Rocktober. Every. Single. Thing. And now, onto our weeks in review.


Monday the 20th started out badly with the plumbers coming back to my house unannounced and totally disrupting my day. I didn’t get much done that day, but I saw this super cool pic online. PS: I need this for my dogs.




I don’t remember Tuesday, so it must have been fine. Wednesday, my family gathered at Sunset Cliffs to mark the 17th year of losing my cousin Brandon. He was an avid surfer, so every year we go to his favorite surf spot and throw flowers into the ocean.


Always count your blessings
Always count your blessings


Thursday was my birthday and I woke to find these sweet notes everywhere.


awwww. so sweet!
awwww. so sweet!


Then I posted this classic #TBT pic. This is pretty much me to this day.


Party Girl!
Party Girl!


I spent my birthday with family, eating subs and watching the Broncos beat our Chargers. And even though my parents were rooting for the Chargers, I was hoping the Broncos would win because Peyton is my QB in Fantasy Football.

My mom dug out a huge bag of really old photos and we all had a great time looking through them. Some awesome shots for #TBT for sure.


Birthday wish time...
Birthday wish time…


Friday was my anniversary and my husband and I went to dinner at the same place where we were married 27 years before. I usually wear comfy shoes no matter where I go, but that night I wore my fancy vintage Tony Lama boots. Some day I will post a pic of my whole collection.


WiR 10311421


We had an amazing dinner, shared a carafe of Sangria and basically had a fabulous romantic evening. Awwww.


Here's to 27 amazing years!
Here’s to 27 amazing years!


Saturday we had a little birthday party and then Sunday, we took a day trip to Mt. Laguna with our little dogs. After our picnic lunch, Greg went for a hike while the dogs and I hung out and I worked on my new planner system.


Beautiful Mt. Laguna
Beautiful Mt. Laguna


After dinner, I noticed our little dog Lola was not acting right. We rushed her to the vet and discovered that she had been bitten by a rattlesnake. In our backyard. So, double awesome. After spending the day being careful to avoid snakes in the mountains, she gets bitten at home. Not going to lie, the next few days were hella rough. They couldn’t even tell us for sure if she was going to live. Lucky for us, she’s a fighter and pulled through. She was finally well enough to come home on Thursday. Now she is the most spoiled dog in the world. She expects me to hand feed her all meals. WTH.


Poor baby!
Poor baby!


Last night as I was working with my new studio mate snoring away in her bed, I looked out the window to see if it was dark enough to put the chickens to bed and I noticed the clouds on the horizon were a lovely shade of lavender. I rushed upstairs and ordered Greg to come outside and look at the beautiful sky. When I stepped onto the deck and got the full view of the sunset, I got chills. It looked like the sky was on fire. The clouds were shimmering orange and the horizon was almost violet. Greg and I stood and stared at the sky for a good long time with our arms around each other. I don’t know what he was thinking, but I was just feeling grateful for everything.




Now it’s Halloween. the last day of Rocktober. We will go to my parents house and Trick or Treat with my nephews. My niece won’t be there because she is going to a party. Sigh. It won’t be long before the boys are too old to Trick or Treat too.


These trick-or-treaters are now 20 somethings.
These trick-or-treaters are now 20 somethings.


Happy Friday, everyone and Happy Halloween! Stay safe. Next week is going to be a busy week at Red Scorpio. Got some big things planned for the very near future so stay tuned.



PS: I’m running a contest starting 11/07/14

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