About Me +You

redscorpio makes jewelry for interesting people

 My name is Richelle, but I also answer to Red.

I am like your fun, creative friend who doesn’t care that much about clothes so she wears a T-shirt & denim leggings every day but will make it her mission to figure out how to solder or make home-made cheese, or to master the art of stitching teeny tiny beads into beautiful jewelry. I’m the one who is always making sure everybody is having a good time. 



You are like my thoughtful, put together friend who has a unique sense of style & always knows what’s up. You aren’t interested in the same old thing. You’d rather set trends than follow them.

You are the beautiful wildflower, seeking community, real meaning, and a deeper connection to artistry than you get from the hyper-consumerist marketplace. 

Maybe you are the fellow creative chick who needs a boost once in a while.

You want to rock your style and damn the apologies, and I am your enabler. 

Wanna sizzle? Do it. 

Wanna shine? Go ahead, I’ll get my sunglasses.

grey necklace

I make jewelry for rebels + rock stars + wild women

My mission, my passion, whether through dramatic jewelry pieces or thought-provoking writing, is to inspire your fearless and independent spirit.

Audacity. Grit. Moxie. All of the above.

fearless brush lettered necklace by redscorpio

Maybe those things are buried deep inside. I can help bring them to light

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I am a life-long artist, maker, dreamer, & creative problem solver. I believe in the power of possibility.

My aspiration is to create an awareness of something better. Better gifts, better accessories, sure, but also a better story.

The best life, whatever that means to you, is out there if you name it, nurture it, and work to make it happen.