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Red Scorpio Diaries – November 01, 2018

The thing i’m most grateful for in the whole wide world is my relationship with Greg. He’s my best friend and soulmate and an amazing man.

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My New Studio Helper

Many people have asked me how i can work with such tiny beads. I just happen to have really good close-up vision as long as i hold the bead and needle super close to my face. The problem is that makes me scrunch my body up into a really bad posture so by the end of the workday, my neck and back are stressed out and aching.



I’d been thinking about using a lighted magnifier for a while. Sometimes i will stubbornly continue to do something that’s a literal pain in the neck just because it’s the most convenient thing. But i found a magnifier that i really like made by Brightech*. It’s LED so it’s nice and bright but cool which is important to me because it can get pretty warm in my studio.

I must admit it took a couple days to get used to looking through the glass and not just hold my work close to my face. I also had to break myself of the habit of looking over my glasses to see up close.

Using the lamp immediately improved my workstation posture and i could tell from the very first day that the strain on my neck and back was gone. It feels kind of dumb to have scrunched up my body for so long when the solution to the problem was so easy.

I’ve been wanting to do more in progress photos and videos but couldn’t figure out how to hold my work so close to my face and place the camera. Being able to hold my work further away will make that so much easier.

The lamp is such an awesome studio tool i’m kicking myself i didn’t get one sooner!


* this is an affiliate link, but i wouldn’t be sharing this with you if i didn’t 100% believe in this product. i love my new lamp and it really has made my work easier. buying through this link doesn’t change the price you pay, but i do make a little commision from any sales. if you prefer to shop at Brightech and not use my affiliate link, click here.