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Red Scorpio Diaries: August 13, 2018

I’m hand feeding Lola sliced turkey right now because if i don’t, she’ll refuse to eat and she’ll make herself sick. It’s been one year since she lost her big sister. Gladys was attacked in our backyard by a raccoon and passed away from the injuries. It was sudden and sad, and Lola was devastated. They had been sisters for almost 15 years.

Lola immediately stopped eating her dog food. We tried all kinds of fancy canned food too, but she wouldn’t eat it. We tried just about everything. Luckily we found that she would eat dino nuggets and beef, so we fed that to her to sustain her while she grieved for weeks. Sometimes she wouldn’t even it that and i’d have to feed her nutrient-dense gel with a syringe just so she’d get some nutrition.

She only weighed 17 pounds before the tragedy and really couldn’t afford to lose weight. I make her special meatballs that she will usually eat and try to trick her into eating some of her fancy dry dog food. It’s taken her a year to eat a 20-pound bag of dog food.

She can’t be left alone now. I won’t dare leave her in the backyard by herself, and even when we try to leave her inside, she cries pitifully. So she goes pretty much everywhere we go. She loves to ride in the car.

She is my shadow. She follows me around all day. She’s pretty blind and deaf, and she gets nervous when she doesn’t know where i am. I’m glad i’m able to be home with her. She has mostly good days now and occasional bad days like today where she refuses food until she’s so hungry she gets sick. If she makes it to her birthday in October she’ll be 16. I hope she makes it.