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How To Squeeze Creative Practice Into Everyday Life

There’s no denying that creative projects can reduce stress. Lots of studies prove this to be true. I know when I go too long without a creative outlet, I get a little tight in the shoulders.

But we’re busy people, and making time to be creative doesn’t always seem to fit into our schedules.

Remember that it’s not necessary to get into a major project to benefit from creative expression. I mean, I love to sit down and zen out for a couple of hours stringing tiny beads into complicated patterns. It helps me to be really mindful since there is no way I can think of anything else except the pattern I’m working on. (How do knitters knit while watching TV? I am mystified.)

You do not even want to see the wave of chaos created by my elaborate bead projects. Non-beaders don’t know this but you must touch every container of beads in your stash before choosing the correct color palette for your project.

ways to squeeze creativity into your busy life


A simple project is really all you need to get a little boost. Something that can be taken out in a minute and cleans up in a snap.

What happens to me a lot is I’ll get to the end of the day and realize I’ve done nothing fun or creative. So I need a project that I can do at my coffee table or TV tray while I chill out on the couch with my husband. A project that’s easy to set up, easy to put away, and something that i can do while we catch up on our shows.

ways to squeeze creative practice into your life

The easier you make it for yourself, the more likely it is to happen. We all know this!

I know I want and need to be creative every day if possible, so I keep my best pens and sketchbooks right where Greg and I chill out every night. It makes it very easy to just grab paper and pen and sketch a little something with the TV on in the background. Some of my favorite sketchbook entries are brush lettered words and phrases I hear on TV.

ways to squeeze creativity into your life


Some nights all I can manage is doodling lines or dots in the margins of my planner, but even a few minutes of creative practice clears my head and puts me in a much better mood.

Want a free cheat sheet with five easy ways to help you squeeze creativity into your busy life?

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