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Join My “Month of Gratitude” Project

I am super excited about a new project i’m starting November 1st. It’s a month-long gratitude practice with an added bonus. In addition to meditating on what i am grateful for, i’m going to be sending thank you cards to the special people in my life.

I was inspired to start this project while watching Vanessa Van Edwards’ latest course on CreativeLive, “The Power of Happiness”. On day six, Vanessa talked about how to use our two “G-spots”, gratitude and giving, to increase happiness. She passed thank you notes out to all of the students in the audience and told them to write a thank you note to someone they cared about.


There are so many people in my life who give me true love, genuine kindness, and vital support and i am so grateful to them, i’m going to give them a note of gratitude. It’s a win-win.

I hope you will join me November 1st through 27th for a month of gratitude. I made sure to plan in advance so that my friends could get in on this soul-nourishing project. I hand lettered a thank you card and i even got some rad stamps so i am all ready to rock this.

month of gratitude project


I hope you join me for this creative exercise! If you do, please post on IG and use the hashtag #monthofgratitude16 so i can see what you create.


UPDATE: here are a few of the cards i made for this project. It was super fun! I even got some thank you cards sent to me by my friends. All in all, a great social experiment.