January Is Over And It Kinda Sucked. Three Chances To Reset 2016:

January is the perfect time for a new start, but sometimes things don’t work out the way you thought they would and you need to go to Plan B.


Welp, January is over, and it didn’t turn out quite as I had planned. Why is this year being weird? I know it’s not just me because I’ve read several blog posts about people struggling to make progress this past month. 2015 was really up and down for me. A bunch of super cool stuff happened, and some not so cool stuff, then the end of the year was pretty much wrecked when my Dad passed away right after Thanksgiving. It took me a lot longer than I expected to get out of the dark mood that had swallowed me up. The holidays were just weird. We tried to have a happy Christmas, and there were some good times and lots of love, but it was overshadowed by the sadness of our profound loss.


The day after Christmas, Greg and I left for our vacation, a  winter camping trip we’d been planning for six months. Because I am a planner, and I need to know that everything is worked out in advance. Then some shit happens that shows you once again, not everything can be worked out in advance. But we rolled with it, and our vacation was kind of weird too, but also kind of nice. There was some pretty good soul-searching accomplished.


My plan for the New Year was to take the month of January off from starting any new projects and focus fully on decluttering and organizing my home and workspace. It was pure chaos around here. There were stacks of books and mail and craft supplies everywhere, and I just couldn’t handle it anymore. I get a crazy amount of junk mail. Like, a batshit insane amount. Dealing with the mail is a chore in itself.  Anyway, each night, I committed in my planner to declutter and organize one specific area. I was on a roll and it felt great. Entrepreneurship frequently involves doing a bunch of intangible stuff that doesn’t provide an immediate sense of satisfaction, but damn, it sure feels good to organize your Tupperware cupboard. Done. Check. Visual evidence that I really, truly got something accomplised.


Then, Greg got sick with the flu. And even worse, he got me sick. Really sick. I spent the last week of January sick in bed. Nothing got done, and a some stuff got undone, like any progress I’d made with the junk mail. So, now what?


We tend to start things at what seems like a logical point. I mean, nobody starts a diet on Friday, am I right? Here are some fresh start dates, if you need that extra mojo:


February 1st

First day of the month, and a Monday. Enough said.


Groundhog Day – February 2nd

Groundhog Day the holiday seems like a strange starting point. I am as superstitious as they come, but I am not buying this whole “rodent does or does not see his shadow” malarky. Whoever thought this one up must have been bored out of their mind. Groundhog Day the movie is another story.  If you’ve never seen it, you need to get on that ASAP. It’s an existential comedy, and one of my very favorite movies. Basically, it’s a story of a guy who relives the same day over and over and over. The perfect day for you to take the leap and start living a little differently.


Lunar New Year aka Chinese New Year – February 8th

Another chance at the New Year. 2016 is the Year of the Monkey, which is traditionally associated with a spirit of risk-taking and dynamic innovation. Sounds like a great time to start something new and maybe a little bit ambitious. Bonus points: it’s a Monday.


[Tweet “So what if January wasn’t as planned? There are still 11 more months to dominate.”]


Now, let’s go kick some ass in 2016. I’m trying very hard to be patient with myself this year. There will be times when progress is slow or just doesn’t happen and that is ok. Really, it’s to be expected. I’m not a machine, for crying out loud. I just keep moving forward, even if all I can muster is the tiniest baby step. Those little steps, taken consistently, add up over time, and they’re going to take me on an incredible journey.