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“Leaves of Gratitude” Centerpiece – Craft Tutorial

Next Thursday is Thanksgiving here in the US, and it’s my favorite Holiday. It combines many of the things I love: eating comfort foods, being thankful, and taking naps on the couch. Also, I am in love with leftovers, and Thanksgiving pretty much rules at that. Remember Ross’ sandwich? You know you are winning at leftovers when the best show ever writes a whole episode about it. 


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Cheesy handmade decorations are still acceptable, encouraged even, and sometimes, very cool. That is the case with this easy and family friendly centerpiece craft, “Leaves of Gratitude”.


I wanted to make something that wasn’t complicated, because this time of the year is bananas for makers, but that would look really nice on the Thanksgiving table, and I wanted it to be interactive, but all the messy stuff could be done beforehand.


To make this craft, you need colorful paper, white glue, and bamboo skewers. First, I downloaded a free leaf template from the internet. It is, of course, possible to draw your own leaf, but I needed 26 identical leaves, and that’s just too hard to draw. At least, for me it is. I made a sheet of leaf outlines in Keynote. You could also use Powerpoint or Illustrator or something similar to do this step. If you don’t have a program like that, or don’t know how to do such a thing, you are going to have to trace your leaves by hand. Sorry!


printed leaves



Cut out your leaves. This is the hardest part, really. Unless you have to trace them by hand, then that is the hardest part. Still, it’s not rocket science. Because you are going to glue two leaves back to back, take a minute to match them up for the best fit.


matched leaves


Apply a little bit of glue at each point, and a lot of glue in the middle where you’re going to stick the skewer.


leaf and glue


Make a leaf sandwich.


leaf sandwich


When your family arrives on Thanksgiving day, ask them to take a leaf and write on it what they are grateful for, then display the leaves of gratitude on your table.



gratitude inscription


I used some glass pebbles to help the leaves stand up, but if you don’t happen to have them, they aren’t super necessary. I really wanted to use dried beans, because I thought that would look cool, but I didn’t have any.



leaf bouquet


I can’t wait to take this sentimental centerpiece to my family’s Thanksgiving dinner next week. I’m looking forward to seeing what everyone writes on their leaves.

Have a wonderful week and a very happy Thanksgiving, everyone!


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These are adorable!!! Our thanksgiving is over, but I’m going to talk to my daughter about doing this for our Christmas Centrepiece using little Christmas trees.

Thanks for sharing this!

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