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Need a Reason to Have Fun? I’ve Got One For You.

July 2015 was a crazy busy month for me. I was prepping for my second week-long trip to San Francisco this year to be in the studio audience for Megan Auman’s Make a Living Selling What You Make boot camp at CreativeLive. No problem. While is was at CreativeLive, I would also be filming a “student story” video, and I needed to create a mock studio that I could pack into a suitcase so they could film me working on my jewelry. Um, ok.


I also had committed to writing two guest blog posts, as well as a week-long series called “Halftime Tune-Up” for my own blog. Normally, I blog once a week. At the most. IRL it’s more like once a month, but evidently I’d lost my mind and promised my readers a new blog post every day for a week to help them get back on track for the second half of the year. WTF was I thinking?


On top of all of that, I had signed up to participate in an “artists’ envelope swap”, coordinated by Mark Montano, because he is my crafty hero. But all of this work stuff was taking up so much time.


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My ADD was kicking in big time. There was much to do, and it was taking every bit of my willpower to stay on task, because I really wanted to take a break and just play with some crafty stuff. The envelopes needed to be finished and mailed off to Mark so that they could be distributed to all the participating artists. I lamented to Greg that I wanted to decorate the envelopes, but with all of the important stuff that was going on, I could see no reason to do it. It would be just for fun. “Fun is a reason,” he told me.


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AES - 8


Of course it is. I know that. I myself have told other people pretty much the same thing. Why did I need to hear it from someone else? We all look to external sources for validation. We all give our friends and loved ones inspirational advice that we never take for ourselves. Why is that??  I have no clue.









But let’s do this: let’s all try to take our own advice from now on. And let’s surround ourselves with positive people who will give us loving advice when we need it, just in case we won’t listen to ourselves. We’re pretty stubborn.


AES - 1



I took a break and decorated the envelopes. I finally got to use some matryoshka stamps I’d been dying to play with, and they turned out super cute! The project didn’t take that long, and when I was finished, I felt refreshed and ready to get back to work.


AES - 7


So go on and have some fun. It’s a perfectly legitimate reason.