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Make Money While I Sleep? Uh, Yes Please!

“Are you ready to make your creative work more lucrative, stable, and sustainable in the long-term? Join April Bowles-Olin for an introduction to digital products and how they can enhance your creative business. This course will show you how to produce and position viable products for generating multiple revenue streams and passive income. RSVP right here to watch it live and get access to the workbook for FREE. This post is part of the Create Digital Products blog tour.”


Let’s start with a little background. I met April Bowles-Olin when I attended her first course at CreativeLive, Build a Successful Creative Blog. I impulsively signed up because my blog was floundering and I needed some help. I also love a challenge, and being in the Front Row was far outside my comfort zone. Thank goodness I had no idea what a Super Star Ms. Bowles is or I would have been even more nervous than I already was. If you watch the course, which I highly recommend to all bloggers and wanna-be bloggers, you will learn LOTS of pro tips and also see me looking like I am going to be sick.

Red Scorpio at CreativeLive
Red Scorpio at CreativeLive


That course literally changed my life as I have written about a few times. If you follow my blog then you already know this. If you don’t follow my blog, you really should. There’s a box at the end of this post that you should totally check out.


Not only did I up my blogging game, but I met a great group of creatives, in person and over the interwebs, and formed a relationship with April. I began following April’s awesome blog, Blacksburg Belle and she has taught me a ton about running a successful creative business.

Here is My Goal!
Here is My Goal!

I joined April & Mayi’s League of Supers, an amazing source of support, advice, sympathy, empathy and just plain love and friendship. I’ve also participated in a couple of April’s blog tours, so of course I jumped at the chance to be a part of this one too.

The guidelines set by April were simple –

 Pick one of the following topics to blog about:

a) What you’d love to learn from my upcoming course, Create Digital Products that Sell While You Sleep

b) The biggest questions you have when it comes to selling digital or information products

c) Your best-selling digital product and why you think it’s the most successful (if you already sell digital or information products)

d) Why you want to learn how to create and sell digital products

e) The biggest issues you’ve had with trying to sell digital products

Alright well, I want to learn everything and I have a million questions. Because my jewelry is labor intensive, I’d love a product that was easily reproducible. I don’t have any digital products yet, so those don’t apply.




Sorry April, but I decided to go off topic a bit and talk about my most important question:

Why Learn About Digital Products From April Bowles-Olin

There is certainly no shortage of passive income “experts”. Just Google it, you will get a thousand suggestions. So why would I choose April’s course over all the others? Well, for starters she is an amazing teacher. She is a diligent hard worker who is going to leave no stone unturned to gather every bit of relevent information on the subject of passive income. She is realistic. She’s not promising any get rich quick schemes. She believes in living your passion. This course is going to teach us how to make money doing what we truly love. Her workbooks are flipping fantastic. She has put in a ton of effort to make this a comprehensive course in creating digital products, from the nuts and bolts of making a digital product that suits your business to the more ethereal and harder to grasp concepts of targeting a market and product positioning. I want to know not just how to start but to successfully sustain a passive income offering, and I trust April to teach me.


creativelive with Tara swiger marketing for crafters class july 2014
About to go on the air, watching myself on TV. Surreal.


If you are interested in launching a successful digital product, my advice to you is that you purchase this amazing course. Yes, you can watch for free during the live broadcast, and it will be super cool, but if you upgrade to any time access for $49 ($49!!!) not only will you be able to watch & rewatch the course, but you will score some incredible bonuses that only come with purchase.

Please RSVP and then watch November 10-11 to be blown away by the magic that is April Bowles-Olin. Also, I will be in the front row and now that I’m used to it, I don’t look so ill anymore. Although, I do have RBF (look it up) and I just can’t help that.

Check out the entire list of participating bloggers here.

36 replies on “Make Money While I Sleep? Uh, Yes Please!”

Agree!!! About *all* of the things 🙂

The blog course from April? Game changer. I am a professional writer for cryin’ out loud, and I was sitting on a domain name for my own site for AGES until she finally knocked my off my “Wah wah it has to be perfect” pedestal and inspired me to just start already. Now, my blog is popping and vibrant and full of comments and community that would never have made it out there without her advice and friendly push. That course totally rocked.

The League of Supers has made my life and livelihood feel so much more full and loving and even legitimate. I can’t begin to say how much all of you guys (Red, I’m lookin’ at you!) have made the last 6 months (ish) just fundamentally better – across the board. When something awesome happens, I want to share it with you guys. When something crazy and difficult happens, I go to you for a sounding board, and when someone else posts about stuff, I love being able to hold hands or high-five, accordingly. Y’all are the best.

And trust? Oh hell yeah, I trust April. You know she’s been working nonstop since she signed on to do this course, and that she will be giving us the absolute BEST info and advice she can possibly find on the subject, so yup! Imma trust too.



You nailed it. That first course with April sent me down a path that absolutely changed my life. I am so grateful for the League of Supers. We are a perfect embodiment of my belief that “It’s a community not a competition”.
WOOT! I am SO looking forward to meeting you and giving you a big ol’ hug when I see you!

I feel exactly the same way as you and Kris AND I have no doubt all the other Supers do too!

This has been the most amazing period of growth for me, both personally and biz wise, in my whole life! Bar none!

I followed both April and Mayi before the Creative Live course, and always appreciated and learned from them, but it was that first course on blogging ( THANK YOU! ) and then the
The Busy to Happy 21 day course, where I met all the Supers and really got to know April and Mayi, that totally changed my everything!

I am outa this world excited about this next course! And even though I won’t be there in person . . . it will feel like it! 🙂


p.s. RBF . . . hahahahahahahahah, me too! But stop, it gives you wrinkles. :o)

Yes, it’s hard to believe so much change has occurred in less than one year! I am very grateful to be a Super. You guys are THE best. I am very glad you will be joining via chat!!
PS: sorry, Nancy, I think I am smiling but when I see the video I’m like WTH??


Yay! I am soo, soo excited to meet you in real life, Richelle! I can’t wait bounce ideas off each other and interact with April Bowles-Olin. I get to chat with you via the internet but seeing you and the other supers face-to-face is going to a) be so exciting b) be so educational and c) solidify the awesome connections we already have. xoxo, Jen

Right? I am not sure CreativeLive is going to be ready for the amount of awesomeness we are about to lay on them. This is going to be the best ever! I feel like I am going to a reunion of school friends 🙂

Hey Richelle! I’ve been stalking April for years, and it was so amazing to meet her this summer–and to meet you! CreativeLive continues to impress me with their courses, and I know these next ones from April will be awesome. I’m still applying what I learned from her last workshop!

I think now that I’m rocking my new site, I need to go back over her course & see if there’s any extra tidbits I can add to what I’m doing, to really take it to the next level!!! And I’m SO FREAKING STOKED for this course! And kinda jealous of everyone seeing it in person, lol.

Hahahah I totally laughed at the RBF thing…I really think that’s my issue, cause apparently I look SUPER intense when I’m working. My husband is constantly asking me “are you okay?” “are you sure?” “you look mad…”. I’m not. I swear. I’m just focused, which apparently = “mean” on my face, lol.

Richelle, I am soooooo agree on everything you wrote about April. She is just super amazing and she did not become mean as some bloggers do sometimes when they have a lot of readers. She is just super and I envy you so much that you will be in the audience in real. I will watch you again on the screen. :))

Hi Varvara!
I really love that April’s teaches specific actionable steps, not just vague concepts. She is a very generous teacher for sure! I am thrilled to be in the studio for this course.

I’m blushing beet freaking red right now. This was such a nice post–and I’m smiling from ear to ear. Yep, I’ve turned to cliches cause I’m kinda speechless except to say THANK YOU for this. I love that you went off topic.

I’m gonna be reading this post about fifty more times in prep for the course…it’s one of those pump-me-up kinda posts and I love it.

Thank you Richelle! I can’t wait to see you again. We’re gonna have so much fun.

haha! Sorry it sounds like such a fangirl letter! I bet when we first met in May I was the last person that you would have expected to join your tribe. Especially after I made that chalkboard paint comment 😉 But your style and philosophy totally clicked with me. And the community you and Mayi have built is freaking amazing.
Yay! I am so excited for your course! I am working on my stuff right now!!

Hi Richelle,
I keep seeing your name pop up on all the blog tour posts. I love how supportive you are of everyone!
Congrats on raising the bar on your blog! April is so inspiring (and you are too!)

I am trying to do the same on my blog too. I guess that’s another reason why I joined the blog tour. 🙂

See you in class!
xo Cathy

Hi Cathy!
I am very grateful that I work from home and have time to go around and visit the blogs. Everyone is posing such great questions! I am keeping a file to take with me to SF.
Did you watch April’s course on blogging? that one was awesome.
See you soon!!

Richelle, I have been watching you leave such beautiful comments on blogs in this tour all week. Your generosity just shines off my computer screen! And you are so right about April – she is utterly superb and professional in everything she does. Can’t wait to do this next course 🙂

Awww thanks so much Ann-Marie!
I am grateful that I work from home so it’s easier for me to take time during the day to comment. And the posts have been so great! Looking forward to April’s latest course. She is one smart cookie. And hope to hear from you in the chat room!

I am part-way through April’s CreativeLive blogging class, which I purchased, and I can’t say enough about it either. It got me off my butt and motivated, and has taken alot of the “scariness” out of getting started (perfection paralysis issues). RedScorpio, I saw you in the audience, and I appreciate this blog post about April because what you are saying about her seems to ring true from what I have seen: she’s not promising “get rich quick” schemes, she’s simply being herself and speaking from her experience and offering such golden nuggets of information about these different digital mediums that (at least me) we creatives aren’t experienced in. I’ve always said, if someone would just tell me what to do, I would do it! And then I found April Bowles-Olin. 🙂 Happy Me! JulieCreates on fb –Julie

Oh, girl, I hear you. It was incredibly nerve wracking that first time. If you watched April’s blogging course, then you probably saw that I looked pretty goofy at times. And the camera is on you sometimes when you’re not even the one talking! It will be totally worth it though. It’s a wonderful, amazing experience. I’ve actually blogged quite a bit about my CL trips, if you want to read more about it 😉
PS: I think Chris is hosting so you will meet him too!

HI Richelle. Nice connecting though April’s blog tour as well. Good luck with your products and I’m looking forward to the course as well. Like you, I’m hoping to turn my passion and (food) blog into a business that would support me while helping other to be better cooks.

Richelle, you have hit the nail on the head with your off-topic writting. I absolutely agree with you as to why we should take a class from April vs another teacher. I have learned so much from her and I am already working to impliment that on my blog. I’m excited to learn even more!

Hi Renay!
Right? I am subscribed to tons of newsletters and blogs, but April’s is one I always open and read right away. Not to take away from all the other fabulous folks out there but sometimes you just click with someone and their system works for you. If you haven’t checked out her book “Marketing for Creatives” I highly suggest it. It is perfect for someone like me who learns by doing, because there are little exercises after each section. I am not getting paid to say this!!

I second, third and fourth everything you said, Richelle! April’s been a huge influence on my blog, too! I would love to see whatever digital product you create after the course!

Yeah, your sales page is awesome! I need to study it for ways to improve mine.
There are so many digital possibilities! This next week is going to be all about nailing some stuff down so I am ready to go 11/14/14. Woot! Try to be in the chat room. I think it will be a fun group!!

I love it! You didn’t strike me as nervous during the blogging class…you struck me as ready to dig in and grow! I hope someday I’ll be in that audience, terrified but there! You’ve done a lot of great work with your site and jewelry and I’m so excited to see what you do next with digital products! Wishing you all the best!

Love you post, and you clearly love April! I’m part way through listening to the blogging course and love seeing you in the front row. I can’t wait to see you looking a little more at home in the front row of this course! Bring it on!

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