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The Scariest Thing I’ve Ever Done…

…was the title of the post I published last Friday. It was all about my incredible adventure to San Francisco. My first solo trip, my first time ever flying alone. My first SF earthquake. Meeting my friend of 20 odd years, Mary, face to face for the first time. It was an awesome story about bonding with an incredible group of women, learning from a professional at the top of her field, BLTs at 9:30PM,riding around with Jane, walking 10 minutes in the wrong direction and randomly bumping into Shastablasta on the street. I also dropped a mention of my vintage cowboy boot collection.

cl 8 20146
my temporary neighborhood

I poured my heart and soul into that post, and when I finished, I was totally satisfied. After that, I created a sales  page and FAQ page, as I had learned to do in the course I had just participated in at CreativeLive. By days end, I was thoroughly exhausted, yet I scraped together enough energy to hype my pages on Twitter and FB before I clocked out for a three-day weekend. And it was awesome.

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my companions on this journey

Until Tuesday morning when I went to redesign the sales page (yes, I took the weekend off, but dang if I can’t stop the mental gears from cranking) only to find that it had vanished. Kind of a bummer, but not a huge deal since I had pasted it into TextEdit and also emailed it to a couple of people for feedback. Then I noticed that my FAQ page was gone. Not cool, at all, but also not the end of the world. Then I realized my blog post had disappeared.


I stared at my screen for a few seconds as disbelief and a few other emotions washed over me. I checked everywhere to make sure it wasn’t hiding. I waited a few minutes and checked again, you know, just to be certain. Gone.  The sales page I could paste in and format. The FAQs would be easy enough to remember and retype. But the blog post was gone forever. Even if I tried really hard to remember what I’d written, it just wouldn’t be the same.

cl 8 20141
and yes, that is my bag

So lesson learned, you guys. Always back that stuff up. I did redesign and publish my sales and FAQ pages. And on Friday, my regularly scheduled blogging day, my heart may just be mended enough to tell you about the scariest thing I’ve ever done. Spoiler alert: I wasn’t that scared after all.

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Bummer that your blog poofed away… That is not cool at all. I am excited to read your redo…maybe it will be even better than the first one! Spoiler alert was noted and appreciated! Good job Seester!
btw….vanishing words must run in the family… This is my second attempt at giving this comment. Fingers crossed you are reading this now.

Worst. Feeling. Ever!
Consider yourself hugged. That’s a sucky sucky feeling. I love that you didn’t try to recreate it and just went with this instead; it feels really cathartic for some reason.

Thanks, K-Dub! I was so bummed, because it was a good post that told a great story! That weekend was SO super fab. Yeah, to attempt to recreate it would have been so forced and fake.

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