Sew magical!

Sewing is magical and here’s a quickie project that proves it. I work from home, therefore I do not wear pants with pockets. Or zippers or buttons. Confession: I wear denim leggings all the time. Like, all. the. time.

But I am forever wishing I had a pocket, especially to carry around my phone. Recently, I picked up a couple of tool aprons from Home Depot for a buck or two, and then I magically transformed them into a cute little work apron to tote my phone and other necessities while I wear my stretchy pants.

don’t judge me because I’m messy

Here is the original apron. Kind of ugly, right? (Yes, that is my pressing table and yes, I know it is messy and cluttered. I tried to crop that part out. ) Another thing I didn’t like about the original is it has two large pockets, and I would prefer more and smaller pockets. We can kill 3 birds with one stone here and cover that gross Home Depot ad, make the pockets smaller and increase the amount of pockets.

there are always scraps of red plaid fabric lying around my studio

I am a plus sized gal, so I dolled-up two aprons and then tied two of the strings together sort of permanently in the back and then wear the apron by tying it on in the front, which cured another of my pet peeves, tying aprons behind my back. I am not good at it. Here, I have attached a pocket by taking a scrap of fabric, folding the edges under and stitching it into place. I wasn’t super concerned about straightness or anything like that. This was a pretty down & dirty project because that is how I roll.

no need to turn under the T-shirt.


stitch verrry close to the edge


of course I carry two pair of scissors, doesn’t everyone?

For the next apron, I cut a piece out of an old T-shirt and pinned that down and stitched it on, then fancied it up with another scrap of plaid fabric. There are now 13 pockets of various sizes between the two aprons! Here they are with some stuff stuck in them.

And here is my model, Pooh, showing of the finished product. Please ignore the pile of crap behind him.

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