How To Get It All Done (+ Free Planner Page Download)

Just so you know, it’s impossible to get it all done. But it is possible to get a majority of the most important things done. Some people can get stuff done seemingly without effort. For most of us it takes work. Here are my top tips for getting it done:

Prioritize your goals

Just because it seems like a good idea does not necessarily mean you should add it to your list of goals. Even though it seemed like a neat idea to try to learn Spanish, I had to come to grips with the fact that there was no room for it on my list. Goals need to be productive, or at least bring you enjoyment. If it’s not going to move you forward, AND you don’t enjoy it, cross it off and move on. Do not set yourself up for failure.


My Future, Planned
My Future, Planned

Plan to get it done

Do not just leave it to chance. Humans can only make so many decisions in a given day before they experience overload. You blame yourself for not having willpower, but it is human nature to seek the easiest solution to problems, sparing your mind for critical decision-making. Making a short To-Do list for myself every night means that the next day, I have a plan in place. Making the list the night before takes the emotion out of the equation. Here is my planner:

To Do Planner Page
To Do Planner Page

Download This Planner

Be accountable

I started this year wanting to really get my life in order. I am lucky in that I am mindful of wanting to change and accepting the small progresses I make. I just want to be a little better each year and I can pretty much do that. This year was different because I have the looming fear that my business is not progressing quickly enough. I spent about half the year studying strategies to develop habits, set goals and build systems until I basically came to the realization that (A) they all said a lot of the same stuff, and (B) I was stalling by continually researching and never acting. Working from home, particularly as an artist, is difficult because I get very little positive reinforcement. My husband and family give me praise of course, but sometimes it’s good to hear it from strangers who don’t have to say nice things about you.When you work in an office, as I always have before, people notice when you are accomplishing stuff.  Now I am pretty much the only person who notices, unless I tell the world. And I’m not one of those people who is comfortable with self promotion. In May, I met a group of wonderful people through a class I took at CreativeLive. Most importantly, my accountability partner Jane, but also a whole community of people who are in the same boat as I am. When I set a personal goal to paint a picture, I asked Jane to hold me accountable. I also announced it on Instagram, along with updates of my work in progress. I am almost finished! What a wonderful feeling!


Seek guidance

When all else fails, consult an expert. What the heck, you don’t have to wait for anything to fail. If you need guidance, get it. Like I said, I spent a ton of time researching tips and strategies before I found the right fit for me. I am currently going through the Connecting the Gaps program, “Busy to Happy”. Some stuff I knew, but a lot I didn’t. And besides, it’s always good to get confirmation that what you think you know is legit. I am not just learning from April, the Blacksburg Belle and Mayi of Heartmade Blog, but all of the members of the group who share their ideas, tips and personal stories. It has been extremely helpful hearing how others make it work, or what they struggle with. I love being part of this eclectic ensemble and I really appreciate how we all have each others’ back. Most importantly, I am discovering a lot about myself.

Planning my week, month, year with a little help from my friends...
Planning my week, month, year with a little help from my friends…














So it has taken me until July to get to this point, but it’s a journey, not a destination. As long as I keep moving forward, I feel successful. This year is not over yet!


Do you need a system for getting stuff done? Check out my planner system. It’s changed my game in a big way.

4 replies on “How To Get It All Done (+ Free Planner Page Download)”

I’m so glad to hear you’re getting so much out of April and Mayi’s program.
And yes, priorities, priorities, priorities. I like the “urgent / important / not urgent / not important” matrix while deciding on priorities.

Hey Richelle!!

Love, love, love this post (and your To Do List!). This reminds me that I fell off today and didn’t create a daily plan. The advice about prioritizing is spot on. I’m always the one who wants to do it all! I’m finally at a point where I’ve focused and stuck to one thing. So, that in and of itself is an accomplishment. Thanks for the reminder. 🙂

(And, P.S.: I’ve been noticing all of your amazing work. You definitely rock! I’m inspired by your journey.)

Thank you so much, Jennifer! I too want to do EVerything. In some ways it’s good, like the surfing thing. Why not try it? But there is only so much time in the day, so you gotta just focus on the to-dos that are most important to you. April and Mayi’s funsheets are also helping me a lot. And the support of the group is priceless.
This to-do list is great for me because stuff always sneaks up on me. So I like to know what’s going on today, tomorrow, next week, etc., at a glance.
(PS: you rock too! 🙂 )

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