That Time of Year…

The Holidays are here! The time of year when everyone wants to spread joy but ends up getting stressed out by all the commotion. I used to be one of the worst offenders. I wanted everything to be perfect but ended up being miserable because I was putting so much pressure on myself and trying to do too much. My husband enlightened my with this helpful advice, “Stop it.” He got me to understand that all the good I was trying to do was undone by all the chaos I was creating. I realized that having perfectly wrapped presents and tons of decorations was not the key to my Christmas happiness. I scaled back on the decor and relaxed my wrapping standards. I made an effort not to take on too much and to plan better and start my projects earlier. I prioritized them so if I couldn’t get everything done, at least I would get the most important things done.

This year, I’ve been so busy making things for gifts and for my Etsy shop that I didn’t think I’d have time to decorate, not even a tree. I really didn’t think anyone would mind, after all, the kids are now 20-somethings and they didn’t seem that into it the past few years. I was surprised when the family told me that they would be sad if we didn’t get a tree, in fact they said I was being “Grinchy”.  Who, me?? I relented and agreed to get a very small tree which we will decorate with ornaments that we make.  Sounds reasonable.

PS: The Holidays are the perfect time to give handmade gifts. Visit Red Scorpio Handmade, or one of the many other Etsy shops that suits your needs. Or go to a local craft fair or Holiday bazaar. Handmade is better.